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Before leaving the country, the corresponding income tax (Form 102) should be settled; and in case of having obtained a RUC (Taxpayer Identification Number) to issue invoices, the corresponding VAT returns should be presented until the last month of stay and the RUC should be cancelled.What if the assignee comes back for a trip after residency has terminated? If returning for tourism, there would not be any requirement.This withholding tax rate also applies to payments for services and technical assistance payments remitted abroad.

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Except for those working under dependence relationships (no more income from additional source), individuals liable to income tax should determine the income tax prepayment based on the tax return presented in the prior fiscal period.

This prepayment would be equal to 50 percent of the income tax payable less withholdings made for income tax purposes.

According to the Internal Tax Regime Law, individuals in any of the following conditions are considered as resident: Is there, a deminimus number of days rule when it comes to residency start and end date?

For example, a taxpayer can’t come back to the host country for more than 10 days after their assignment is over and they repatriate.

Tax returns and compliance Tax rates Residence rules Termination of residence Economic employer approach Types of taxable compensation Tax-exempt income Expatriate concessions Salary earned from working abroad Taxation of investment income and capital gains Additional capital gains tax (CGT) issues and exceptions General deductions from income Tax reimbursement methods Calculation of estimates/prepayments/withholding Relief for foreign taxes General tax credits Sample tax calculation All information contained in this document is summarized by KPMG Servicios de Asesoría e Impuestos Cía. Tax return filing is due between 10 and 28 March following the end of the tax year. What are the compliance requirements for tax returns in Ecuador?

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