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I hope to give people an idea of the pros and cons within the sites that I mention, at least from my perspective.Keep in mind, I write from my heart, and I don’t have a massive ego, so when I write my feelings about these dating sites, please understand that it’s coming from a very direct and honest place.

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For me personally, I’ve been on and off of dating sites for sometime now, off more than on, being that I follow the “ Despite what many people think, I’m actually truly looking to find the love of my life, get remarried, and have more children.

I’m not on dating sites or involved in Facebook dating groups just to share my blog posts, although I do.

I’m sure everyone has their preferences when it comes to which online dating sites they prefer to use, if any.

However, from my personal experience, and from some minor research that I’ve done, I’m going to share with you some of that sites that I think are the best, worst, and why I feel that way.

This is why auto-liking is by no means in anyone’s benefit if they’re actually hoping to meet someone.

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