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Like on the song “Haters.” That track follows in the legacy of messages that TLC has always put out; much of your music is about female empowerment and confidence. But I think it’s even more important right now, because when we first came out, you didn’t have social media.

Do you think the reception of that message has changed over the years? There was no Instagram or anything like that where people could hide behind the device and say the nastiest things to you. We have a formula that we figured out a long time ago that works for us in our group, and we don’t stray away from that formula.

It was more than two years ago when T-Boz and Chilli launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund TLC’s fifth and final studio album.

Thanks to their fans from around the world—including Katy Perry, who donated five grand—the artists were able to surpass their $100,00 goal and received pledges of more than $430,000.

“I’m not comfortable being (a) boyfriend.” Chilli, a 45-year-old songbird from Atlanta, has been linked to singer Usher and actor Brad James.

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