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After all, there’s a big difference between not wanting to do something and not being able to do it. They long to escape the tyranny of their own fertility, and the change their body is undergoing brings little or no real discomfort. For others, like myself, it can feel a bit like the beginning of the end, a prelude to death itself. Extreme tiredness (I often felt compelled to go to sleep for a couple of hours during the day, as though I had been drugged), stubborn weight gain, hot flushes, night-time insomnia coupled with general befuddlement and glumness. Two young children, a busy job, a busy husband, a house to run, groceries to be bought, food to be cooked.

Far from slowing down, my life seemed to be getting more and more demanding.

They found these women benefited from more regular screening to pick up abnormalities.

These women are up to six times more likely to develop cancer than the average woman – and to make matters worse it is also much harder for mammograms to detect warning signs in denser breast tissue.

Researchers from the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modelling Network, in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Surveillance Consortium, studied the effectiveness of screening on women aged between 50 and 74, who had different risk levels and breast density.

I needed to be at peak output, not sliding gently into the twilight.

I simply couldn’t afford to be malfunctioning in this way. It gave me a new lease of life, restored my flagging energy levels, sharpened my mind, stopped my joints from aching, evened out my emotions; in short, it made me feel — internally — ten years younger.

They show precisely what my gynaecologist had already told me: that for the majority of women, the benefits of taking HRT far outweigh the negatives.

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