Horselovers dating

Once you’ve been reduced to a laughing, crying, cheering mess by the film, you’ll need no convincing to pick up this book.If you’ve been around horses and horse folk long enough, you know there are mere mortals who love horses and do our best to learn their ways, and there are those people who making riding look more natural than walking.She was one of the first to present the idea that the competent rider uses body, spirit, and mind to communicate with horses, rather than simply relying on force to intimidate the horse into compliance. In rescuing Lay Me Down, a retired and badly neglected racehorse with a foal in tow, Susan Richards embarks on a heart-opening journey of love, family, and redemption.

The platform supports 22 languages, 58 niche markets, and has a large global data base of users.

As any horse person worth their breeches will gladly tell you, a love of horses is a lot like chicken pox.

In virtually every corner of the world, people enjoy horses and horse racing. sees Winners Circle Dating as offering a great way to bring these “horse people” together to enjoy one of the world's oldest sports.

According to the American Horse Council, in the United States alone, 1 out of every 63 or 4.6 million Americans are involved in the horse industry as owners, service providers, employees and volunteers. Going to the track is a fun, social experience which encompasses fashion, gaming, food and drink, travel and, most importantly, majestic horses.

Horses are graceful, glorious creatures with so many perfect features about them, from the way they stand, the way that they move, their amazing shiny coats and their very ticklish ears!

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