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They don’t count because there is no one-to-one contact. It can create a real problem in your relationship at home.

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Another reason is that I had stopped exercising and my energy level dropped. Neither of these are healthy choices, I later learned. My partner had never been with anyone before marriage and I tried to teach her about performing/receiving oral sex or experimenting with different positions (all things I very much enjoy) but our bodies’ chemistries never aligned.

So even when we did have sex, it rarely lasted more than a few minutes. We bought books, saw a counselor but everything was just off. But that never made sense because I have never found myself physically attracted to other males.

You could enter it innocently, not really looking for an affair.

But it’s very seductive so even a little curiosity can get you hooked.

Although my husband doesn’t have a sex drive, I do.

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