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Learn more: CHRISTMAS takes place in New York City and Vermont in 1954.

SPECIFIC LOCATIONS Somewhere on the Western Front of World War II The Ed Sullivan Show Backstage at the Ed Sullivan Show Jimmy's Back Room The Train Car The Front Desk of the Columbia Inn in Vermont The Barn Rehearsal Hall The Front Porch of the Inn Ralph Sheldrake's Office, New York Onstage in the Barn Theater Betty's Room at the Inn The Regency Room, New York KEYBOARD II (Synthesizer): Celesta, Strings, Winds & Strings, Pizzicato Strings, Arco Strings, Sustained Strings, Strings w/ Magic Bells, String Tremolo w/ shimmer, Harp, Synth Bells, Toy Piano, String Harmonics2 Timpani (F to F), Glockenspiel, Vibes, Suspended Cymbal, Wood Block, Sleigh Bells, Chimes, Xylophone, Triangle, Castanets, Bell Tree, Metal Cabasa, Marimba, Piccolo Wood Block, Cymbal, Bass Drum, Ratchet, Tambourine Directed by Nikolai Foster (ANNIE, SHERLOCK HOLMES THE BEST KEPT SECRET) and taking centre stage in the Quarry theatre from 24 November 2014 - 17 January 2015, this original staging of Irving Berlin's iconic musical brings together an ensemble of 17 led by Darren Day and Oliver Tompsett as entertainers Bob Wallace and Phil Davis.

Helen Anker and Holly Dale Spencer play the sparky Haynes sisters alongside a supporting cast of 13 performers. The Promotional Video shall be recorded and shown for the sole purposes of advertising your licensed production of the Play.

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