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Aubrey Ireland case: Student, 21, wins a stalking order against her PARENTS who monitored her every move 'to make sure she succeeded' | Mail Online And look at where her parents are from. The parents are displaying the typical control freak behavior and basic distrust of others that is at epidemic levels with the people in the KC region.

Unfortunately, this kind of control freak, fascist mentality is all too common here in the KC region.

I've seen it elsewhere of course but not taken to this extreme.

The first two were basically older to the point they were through UC before the 2nd two began. Reducing expenses from 4 to 2 does make quite a difference. We admittedly agreed to circumstances with the younger two which would have been persona non grata with the first two. Thankfully both of them have recovered and are doing reasonably well in other fields. When you say a parent(s) can no longer exercise a reasonable degree of influence on both the educational or economic pursuits of their grown children, then you also have to absolve them of also any responsibility. This past Christmas we had 3 of the 4 back home, the only absentia being a daughter and her husband stationed with the Army in Hawaii.

As we sat around Christmas Night till the wee hours, the ones here remarked Mom, Dad how did you achieve this? Only the oldest are college age, but they are seeing the difference.

That's one aspect of humanity that doesn't vary with geography.

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