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My real life was entirely devoted to school, so my men’s rights activism occurred exclusively in the classroom.We’d talk about the Equal Rights Amendment in a political science class and I’d say, “Well, what about men?The majority of my friends were women, but I started withdrawing from them and hanging out with guys more.

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Thanks for that.” It was one of the most cringeworthy moments from that period of my life.

At the time, though, it was just confirmation of misandry.

His wife, however, was relegated to the domestic sphere, and even though she had a job, it was always incidental to her role as a mother and wife. I’m not sure which came first – my sense men were losing their place in society or my reading – but I do know the book crystallized that feeling.

The bookstore had this policy that allowed employees to essentially “check out” a book and report back to their colleagues about it.

(Being a libertarian doesn’t really jibe with the dictates of an authoritarian, hierarchical church.) Growing up, I loved guns and hunting and wanted to be in law enforcement.

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