My sister dating my ex boyfriend

We are still friends and say “hello” when we see each other.Her little sister Priya loves spending time with me and often texts me.If you do – it won’t endear you to Alpana and also it would show Priya that you couldn’t be trusted.

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You will only find out the truth as to whether she likes you romantically or not, if she tells you of her own accord or if you ask her directly. Directly, preferably soberly and without any pressure or too much expectation. Rejection is the risk you take with any relationship but without taking a risk – you won’t know whether you have a future together or not.

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Also, explain to her parents that this relationship will be very different from the one that you had with Alpana. If you were in your thirties or forties – a six-year age gap would be hardly noticeable but at your ages – it is far more obvious.

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