Navy dating navy fun

It’s funny now, but no military man will be impressed when you inadvertently insult him by throwing around terms you don’t understand.

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Lifetime’s “Army Wives” might be a little melodramatic (not to mention filled with bad acting), but the show’s emotion-filled episodes aren’t always far off base.

Her Campus talked with two experienced military girlfriends to find out what it’s like to have a camo-clad boyfriend.

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“I don’t like having to worry if he’s coming home.” The typical college girl might pine for her man while they’re separated for winter break, but Keller has endured six long months without so much as a hug from her boyfriend, a feat even veteran long-distance couples would admire. In the beginning, “rough” wouldn’t come close to describing the effect on their relationship. “We wouldn’t talk every day because it was expensive and there was such a time difference.

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