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There has to be an alternative to the continued extraction of massive surplus imperialist rent out of the global South to the 0,1 percenters and their supporting chorus in the global North and their local willing agents.

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There has to be an alternative to the headlong, capitalist environmental destruction of our planet.

There has to be an alternative to a system in which unsustainable inequality is growing by leaps and bounds.

An End of History, the supposed demise of ideological contest, was proclaimed.

Henceforth, politics would be a technocratic task of management applying the rules of the game as prescribed and refereed by the IMF and World Bank, with the ratings agencies acting as the lines-men, and the corporate controlled commercial media acting as the TV-referral mechanism.

The rapid and historically unprecedented growth of our membership - now standing at some 240,000 members attests to this.

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