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That same month, DJJ completed its only investigation into the relationship, a probe begun in March 2011 when Randazzo contacted the agency.

By then, there was powerful evidence of Nunez’s alleged misconduct: Randazzo still was under DJJ supervision until Oct.

The agency ruled “inconclusive” allegations that lockup administrators failed to act or report when they were first told, in 2007, that Nunez was in a relationship with a DJJ youth.

The school district won’t allow Bell to attend, citing his age and prior legal troubles.

It issued a statement saying district policy bars dance guests who have been involved with drugs, alcohol or violent criminal incidents. Bell,” spokeswoman Terry Schuster said, per the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, apparently referencing Bell’s arrest in August 2014 for DUI and marijuana possession.

Randazzo says she received a call from “the head guy” at the detention center, who told her he was recording the conversation, she said in the interview with the Herald. There were disputes over custody handoffs, contempt petitions, disagreements over child support, followed by more petitions.

Nunez said Randazzo refused to allow him to see his daughter.

“My dad and grandfather came to pick me up, and the whole ride home all they did was cry,” Randazzo recalls. “My sister was murdered, and they were going to lock me up because I smoked weed,” she said.

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