Spam messages on dating sites

There is no point saying 'Use this criteria' (for age or height) then not setting values as below The message will be forwarded to the email address you gave when you filled in your profile.

Don't worry, the person who sent the message can't see this address.

Including every combination is the same as saying I'm not bothered about hair - however it gives our computer a hard time.

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Spam messages on dating sites

The idea of this is so that members don't waste time messaging other members where there is some major incompatibility.

There are a few common mistakes made on these pages that mean your criteria are not as you would want them...

By mixing and matching the text image you can be creative and get your personality accross in a fun manner.

The idea is that the greater effort it takes to create an Icebreaker is appreciated by the recipient.

It is also possible to get into a real pickle with Internet Explorer security/privacy settings and ' Trusted' sites if - for example - It can be quicker to just download the Google Chrome browser rather than keep adjusting ssettings in Internet Explorer if you are not that technical.

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