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Our process for recording register entries for price paid remains unchanged and will continue to refer to VAT where appropriate.

If you know of an error in price paid information for sales or believe a sale is ‘missing’ from information you have viewed, use our change a sales record form so that we can update our records and inform third parties.

For most changes these will be recorded using the Record status guide below.

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The small number of sales affected cannot be updated for publication until the sales are lodged for registration.

To access price paid data information: Historic file incorporating Additional Price Paid Data, or APPD, (limited edition): contains transactions from 14 October 2013 to 30 September 2015.

Changes are applied to the single/yearly download files, linked data and Price Paid Data report builder monthly and can be downloaded when required.

A flag will notify customers who use of the monthly change only update (COU) file of any changes or deletion requiring action each month.

Some commercial property transactions lodged for registration quote the price paid and make a statement about value added tax (VAT).

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