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Things turn tragic for Daryll as he gets a better grip of his father's affairs.When Hall isn't on set or getting in shape for his role as TV's newest hunky boxer, he's collecting action figures and planing romantic date nights with his wife. He's always "high off life"HALL: What a lot of people don’t understand about Pooch Hall is I’ve seen a lot of dark times in my life. What keeps him up at night HALL: Cartoons and my sugar cravings.

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I just bought the Al Pacino Carlito’s Way figure and that ran me like $250, but it looked like they just took Al Pacino and stuck him in the box. She doesn’t know hate, she doesn’t know race, she doesn’t know judgement. I love '80s music, that’s why I love spending time in New York because there are a lot of lounges and DJs that can really cut it up with the '80s. I’m talking about rapping for fun like if we were at a party and I’ll kick a cool little freestyle. The feedback that we got from it has been ridiculous.

My dream is to one day get an action figure made of myself because when you get an action figure, then you know you’re doing it!

caught up with Hall to talk about his guilty pleasures, hidden talents, obsessions and if he still keeps in touch with his former co-stars. He loves action figures POOCH HALL: I like to buy toys. My father is one of those guys who never gets anyone’s name right and so the next door neighbor was always calling me Pooky when I was in my mom's stomach. I really appreciate where my life is and what I’ve accomplished. I keep in touch with Barry Floyd (Tee Tee), Jigga (Bibbs), Gabrielle Dennis (Janay), P. Byrne (Irv), Kenny Smith (writer/executive producer), Harold Rossi (writer/producer) and Bumper Robinson (Juvon). I end up watching TV and I find myself munching on snacks.6.

They make these new figures from this brand called Hot Toys from Japan. They’re expensive and ever since I’ve been in Hollywood that’s been a guilty pleasure of mine. Also, my oldest daughter is 15, handicapped, in a wheel chair and can’t walk or talk, but she’s still the happiest girl in the world. I run into Jay Ellis every now and then, he’s a cool cat. The perfect date night with his wife involves movies and dancing HALL: We tend to take in a movie at the crib or go to one of those theaters that have a bar. Or we’ll have a little dinner before the movie and maybe drive around and just see if we can take in a lounge. I’m not talking about rapping where I can go battle Jadakiss. There’s a film moving forward that I wrote with my writing partner Lee Davis.

Pooch Hall was born in February 8, 1977 who is running 39 years in age. Pooch is professionally an actor, model as well as model who are renounced name in television industry.

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