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Mix in remaining 1 cup walnuts and cardamom, if using.

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2: Zombie-ing Definition: “Zombie-ing is anytime you’re ever dated someone, they completely disappeared without explanation, and then six months later, a year later, they pop back into your life, like nothing ever happened,” Simone says.

What to do if you’ve been zombie’d: “You can’t control someone else’s actions but you can certainly control your reactions and how people treat you.” Simone suggests that you don’t act like you’ve been waiting around for them.

“The next time you’re on a date with someone and you’re just not that interested, send them a quick reply like, ‘Hey, I realized I’m actually enjoying this chapter of my life right now.

I’m not looking for anything serious, but thank you anyway.’” Dilemma No.

Remove from the heat and stir in the stuffing mix, pecans and dates until combined.

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